call me ishmael

my project, previous to logic, was on a radio broadcast of moby dick:

logic complete

these are my finished designs for logic, i prefer the image from my previous post but it's size needed to be altered to fit my brief.


im doing a short editorial project on logic, and this is one of my ideas, not too sure, but i do like it. needs some re-working perhaps...



here are some images from one of my journals, 2009:

the folding of an atlas

i have always been fascinated with the book, i like to manipulate it, whether that be through mark making, stapling, pasting or folding; its always interesting to see what can be made from it.

this is an old atlas i worked on during that foundation. it was given to me by someone who never fails to inspire me.


my book shelf

this is the shelf in my room, its full of old sketchbooks, journals and general clutter that i collect. i don't like to throw things away 
                              one mans trash is anothers treasure



i found this in my bag

from my daily commute

it was an unsightly affair

we clearly weren't going to win, and i was getting very restless, so i crossed out some text.
one is better than none i suppose