i dipped a cotton bud in ink and pressed it to the page, i continued until it stopped



buildings; i admire



the end result of my narrative project: it began with shapes and ended in murder; i began exploring (as may have been see in earlier posts) into shapes and colour and was intending on a story of movement and position, but my concept soon swayed towards the story of the moors murders, there was something disturbingly alluring about them and i contemplated the thought of a story depicting them. i ultimately chose to fabricate a story of a lost boy, who is taken on his way home from school; the book reveals his murder, from the class room to the grave. i chose to use the images of the rabbit as i felt it represented something harmless and innocent that can be slaughtered in such a disgusting way and this action mirrored the end of the boy. his name 'peter potter' is a reference to peter rabbit and beatrix potter a small trigger that might jolt a few memories. this is his exercise book.


empty sky

whilst i was waiting; it was a clear day and i looked up



a map i drew, it is featured in the book i produced (which i shall post at a later date). it was inspired by a drawing in a book which was given to me by madamthumb called 'new italian architecture'; its got some splendid images in there and well worth a look. i could of traced the image but decided  that id spend a good hour or so drawing it myself



an abandoned wheelbarrow i found in the fields out past my house. it was full of burnt wood and beer cans. rusty and charred it produced some image opportunities and these two are my favoured shots.
i enjoy the focus of the empty circle, its like staring down the barrel of a wheelbarrow.


laid down

an image from my journal, i had cropped it and felt it benefited from this; it marks the grave



more from a walk; i was drawn to this tall figure, i enjoy the structure and olive like colour. in a sense it was menacing, staring at me in the field




i was interested in using lines within circles and how intersecting them would affect the aesthetic, it's very appealing and i enjoy how the shape and the white space of the page function together.



a walk in the fields



a few more fragments