just for you

the culmination of my rumpelstiltskin project, im very satisfied with the final outcome and particularly enjoy the messages projected. slightly chaotic but i believe it works.


continuing my work with circle and line, i decided to take it to a larger scale. i wanted to see what affect, if any, it would have upon the image. i chose to keep the arrows and line at the same scale as previous, this also asked me to be dedicated to the work. i became immersed with the process, as is often the case with my work, its embedded within my subconscious.  well really my conscious, im well aware that i don't like to rush through my work.

large open space

i did some work for solent up at excel house in london at the ucas fair, i took a few photographs on my phone (my camera was otherwise unavailable) i was intrigued by the size and space of the rooms and giant lettering. the images are a little 'generic tourist' but  i blame my poor phone-camera. busy day,  a lie in tomorrow will be well deserved.



three turns

this is a continuation of my current work on rumplestiltskin, i have chosen to focus on the imagery of the story and stray away from more literal forms. using simple pen and ink (and my trusty scalpel)i worked in a journal and then compiled scans and images with some very primitive photoshop skills. i am pleased with it, however, i feel i need to achieve this again on a larger scale without the digital aid, it doesn't feel 'real' enough to me.

meticulous work




i'm interested with line and shape at the moment, from looking at spinning wheels and developing my drawings, i have produced some work which i am quite content with.


sound and vision

today we had a project named sound and vision, which did not seem to live up to my eager expectations, but frankly i wasn't in the best of moods. i decided to respond to the sounds with line and shape and just really see where it would take me. i am fascinated by the process of creation and believe that it often outshines the outcome. its far more engaging to focus simply on the making of an image than be entrapped by what you want, think, or are told the end should be. i felt it was important to connect the image from my journal to the wall of the space i was working in, half through experimentation but also it gives the images a chance to stand together or alone. by doing so it leaves a mark like a shadow or a footprint and ultimately... why not?


gift of the gab

an image for my rumpelstiltskin brief, i like the raw, almost slap dash feel. it was created almost by accident; but accidents can cause the best things sometimes



past endeavours

i came across these scans of a journal i used for a project in my first year, they are quite pleasing... to me at least



this image was made by reading aloud the story of rumpelstiltskin whilst drawing a line. i turned right at each mark of punctuation. it was created without looking at the page.



its always nice to go back, get a second opinion and know that you're not forgotten. korova will always give me some inspiration and a step into another's way of thinking.



jenson button

because it was there and i wanted to draw lines