to separate the sky



we can't hold time




dyna sark

these are some of the results of a walk around winchester and a train journey with my sx-70. having the camera made me want to explore and capture and it was certainly a satisfying venture. the old and semi-expired film produces a truly wonderful and all so natural personality to the images. it's interesting how although the images are merely weeks old, the photos that contain them are years



well i wonder

every once in a while, the nail clippers will appear in this position in the bathroom of my house, its definitely someones routine and i am sure that the routine is of my brothers.
i had never really questioned or noticed it until holly pointed it out to me. since then i have become fascinated with them, the next day they were and the next, still there. i think my mind obsesses about them because they just remain there, on the floor, no-one seems to pick them up, which seems strange to me. but then whats even more peculiar is that i feel i should not remove them from their current place either. of course this isn't a conscious decision, i am only realising it now; i see them, acknowledge them, question it, but ultimately, still leave them



vonetta mcgee

a few weeks ago i completed a one day project in which i created an image inspired by an obituary received at random, mine was vonetta mcgee. i chose to take this quite liberally and just experimented with a few ideas. i used the heart because i wanted to portray the strong values and passion that i felt from her story. 
from this initial drawing i just began to push through whatever came to mind and ultimately, just relax into it. i find it preferable to let my subconscious flow and just draw, than to over-think and procrastinate.
the above images are the results, expressions.


an empty chair

a way i work




drawings from lectures; the first is a diagram of my vision from the carriage window as the train pulls round to southampton station. the second is continuing themes from my most current work. submerged in this process


cutting open

this design was on a leaflet i collected, i wanted to cut away and adjust it somehow, so began cutting into the triangular shapes. there was order to my cuts, a pattern to the pattern and perhaps i felt that the neat and tidy design needed to somehow remain; by thoughtfully choosing the placement of my cuts and abiding to this rule, i therefore achieved that



exchanging palare

scans from a journal i recently started; as one ends another begins.
the pages were completed during my visit to manchester, there was no aim for the drawings, they are just responses: where i was, what i was doing, what i could see


at my feet

water draining

a large crack had formed in my road through the cold weather. it caused a pipe to burst and water began to flood down the street. this is a video of the water as it drained back in to the hole, once the supply had been switched off. the water had become tainted by items scattered around; such as leaves and cigarette butts. a murky cloud travelled within the water back into the ground, and as the rubbish flowed away, the shortly lived stream began to block


points in time

some photographs taken today and last night whilst enjoying the snow. i wanted to document the walks; and these are the images that interested me the most.




i have recently been away in manchester with my university, before i left i took these photographs of some frozen pots in my garden. i had to wait until i returned to post them up. expect many posts of items and images from the mancunian visit.